Participating in the competition

Who can enter?
The competition is open to school students from any country, aged 9 to 13 years old, guided by their teachers.

What are the rules?
You can find the Rules and Term and Conditions on our Competition page.

What do I get as a participant?
The FRDC (organisers) will send a fortnightly newsletter with technical tips, ideas and discussion. Each week we’ll discuss a topic related to the competition’s themes to spark class discussions and activities. You will be able to comment and ask question and interact with us and other participants. Winners will receive prizes and have their films screened at the World Fisheries Conference in October.

Making the film

Do I need any special equipment?
A smart phone is quite adequate for shooting your film, although a DSLR camera may be helpful if you have it. Either way, investing in a microphone or two and a tripod or other way to steady your shots might be a good idea. These can often be picked up online quite cheaply if you need.

Where do I start?
Discussing what you may want your film to be about is a good starting point. The Getting Started page may give you an idea of what to consider before you begin. Throughout the weeks, we’ll provide more resources and details via our weekly newsletter.

Do I need to cover all three themes in my film?
No, just focus on one or a few that particularly resonate with you and your community.


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