Getting started

An increasing number of schools offer practical media production as part of their curriculum. For those who do not have previous experience in teaching filmmaking, this site provides practical advice on how to proceed.

For teachers

This resource from the Australian Teachers of Media Inc (ATOM) was developed for their 1-minute film competition. While some of the references are not relevant to Little Fish Films, we are presenting this teachers’ kit to you with ATOM’s permission as this is a very comprehensive resource designed by professionals to assist you in your class filmmaking journey.

Read through the resources and familiarise yourself with different production techniques and the steps of making a short film. Be realistic about the abilities of your students and your available time and resources. Is working together as a class on one film more achievable than each student making their own film? Is animation too time consuming for a one-term project? Read the instructions in this guide and devise lesson plans around each step of the filmmaking process.

Develop realistic timelines for each stage of production. Make sure you don’t leave too little time for editing and post-production. This project is excellent for teaching organisational and time-management skills!

If you have any questions regarding the Little Fish Films competition, or aspects of filmmaking, please contact us or check out our Frequently Asked Questions page.

School projects

This project is a great opportunity for students to try their hand at each of the different stages of filmmaking. They can undertake different roles on each other’s projects so they can learn more about the process from different perspectives.

When the films are completed, you may want to organise a school’s in-house screening for the rest of the school when the films are completed.