The competition opens in March 2020 so register your interest now so you can participate. Start fishing for ideas and get your film created! We have tips you can check out to help you get started with your production. When you’re done you can submit your film but not before you read up on the terms and conditions and rules below.

  1. Film must be no longer than 120 seconds
  2. The film content is to revolve around one of the Little Fish Films three themes:
    1. What is fisheries to your community? Culture, economic, sustenance
    2. The future of seafood
    3. Looking after our aquatic world
  3. Film entries must contain a minimum of 60 seconds of original video content created by eligible students. This is an original video filmed or created through still-slides by eligible students and full-screen content. It is not necessary to use film footage. The film can be made-up from slides containing on-screen text and images provided by the Little Fish Films Competition, or animation.
  4. Film entries must be either spoken in English, mute with on-screen text or if filmed in a language other than English, contain English subtitles.
  5. Film submissions must be an original creation by eligible student/s. Exclusions include:
    1. Screenshots of content taken from research projects or other work must be appropriately credited.
    2. Music under a creative commons license. If you use music under a creative commons license, the creator must be credited and a link to the source must be provided in the submission.
  6. Film entries must have been made specifically for the Little Fish Films competition.
  7. Film entries must not contain statements of obscene or indecent content, offensive language or potentially insulting, inflammatory or libellous statements.
  8. If your film includes voices or images of students, these students must have written consent <<< link to consent form>>> by their guardians to feature in the film.
Terms and Conditions

Refer to the Terms and Conditions page.

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If you require footage of fishing techniques, images of fish species or other similar visual materials, please contact the Little Fish Films Team for assistance.

Have a look at our Frequently Asked Questions to help you prepare for the competition!

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